Carpet Beetles in Bergen County, NJ

Description: Carpet beetles are tiny oval insects that are about a 1/8 inch long. Some varieties have a plain dark brown shiny shell, while others have colored scales. The larvae of carpet beetles are reddish brown, may have tufts of short hairs, and are about the same length as adults. Since the larvae feed on woolen fibers, they can be just as destructive to clothing as clothes moths.

Biology: The average life span of carpet beetles is about a year. An adult female carpet beetle, which lives about two to three weeks, lays her eggs in lint ducts, at the edges of carpet, along baseboards, and on wool items. The eggs hatch in 10 to 20 days and it takes the larvae anywhere from two to eleven months to reach adulthood, depending on the temperature of their environment. If the event they deplete their food source in one area, they will roam to find another feeding area.

Prevention: The primary way to prevent carpet beetle infestation is to keep lint traps clean and vacuum and dust regularly. To protect clothing, keep wool and cottons in insect proof bins. In the event you suspect carpet beetles have invaded your home, call the pest control experts at 1st Choice Pest Management.