Clothing Moths in Bergen County, NJ

Description: Clothing moths are usually about ½ inch long and ¼ inch wide. They are brownish white in color. The clothing larvae, or caterpillars, are creamy white and about ½ inch long.

Biology: Since clothing moths do not like light, you’ll tend to find them in closets, dark corners, and under furniture. While people associate the adult moths with eating through clothing, it is actually the caterpillars that eat through cashmere, wool, and fur during their 10-day life cycle. The female clothing moths are attracted to clothing items that are soiled or have the scent of perspiration, which is where they lay their eggs. Once the caterpillars are ready to go into the pupae stage, they often create their cocoons in the junctions between walls and ceilings.

Prevention:Since clothing moths are attracted to soiled clothes, the best way to prevent infestation is to avoid dirty clothing accumulating. Washing clothes in hot water to dry cleaning them is effective in killing any eggs or larvae. It is also important to vacuum carpeted closets and under furniture, which are another areas where clothing moth larvae many live. If you believe clothing moths have infested your home, contact 1st Choice Pest Management as soon as possible to avoid damage to your clothes.