Bergen County Commercial Pest Control

Based upon our 20 years of industry experience as a locally owned pest management service in Bergen County NJ, 1st Choice Pest Management understands the devastating effects rodents and insects can have on your business. To avoid the consequences of pest infestation, such as health department fines and lost customers, we offer commercial pest control contracts guaranteed to keep nuisance wildlife and insects away from your property. We provide business owners a complementary inspection to identify any current signs of infestation as well as to determine what pests might be attracted to your business space. By using the results of our findings, our pest control specialists develop a custom pest eradication and management plan to keep your property pest free.

The 1st Choice Pest Management Difference

  • To prevent pests from invading your office, shop, restaurant or warehouse, our team uses an Integrated Pest Management approach. In addition to using chemical treatments, the 1st Choice Pest Management pest control specialist will points simple changes you can make, such as securing the top of dumpsters, which serves as a natural pest repellent. The simple changes we recommend significantly reduce the health risks posed by insects and nuisance wildlife.
  • We understand business owners’ worries about the powerful synthetic chemicals contained in many pest extermination products. Since we share these same concerns about the effects of toxins on our clients, children, pets and the environment, we use non-toxic, green, organic pest control products. These pest control treatments are just as effective as harsh synthetic chemical treatments, but are much safer to use. Additionally, these pest control treatments do not have the unpleasant odor associated with traditional pest control products.
  •  We schedule our pest control services at a time you specify so we do not disturb your customers.

To learn more about our commercial pest control services, contact 1st Choice Pest Management at  (201) 722-0141.