Fleas in Bergen County NJ

Leica Picture
Description: Fleas are small, flat, oval-shaped parasitic insects that are about 1/8 inch long. They are reddish brown in color. Their eggs are clear or translucent white. While many people assume if they do not have pets that they are safe from fleas infesting their homes, this is not necessarily the case.

Biology: Depending on temperature, food sources, and water availability, the flea life cycle ranges from 30 to 100 days, with the average being 27 to 40 days. Before laying her eggs, the female must have a blood meal. Once she lays her eggs, it takes about 12 days for them to hatch. The larvae shed their shells three times before they reach adulthood, which usually takes seven to fourteen days, but can take as long as six months. When they are ready, the larvae create a cocoon, which they leave as adult fleas in a week.

Prevention: The first line of defense against flea infestation is to keep your grass trimmed. If you do have pets, make sure to maintain the flea prevention regime established by your veterinarian and to wash the animals bedding on a regular basis. Since a flea infestation can get out of control quickly, contact 1st Choice Pest Management if you suspect these insect have invaded your home.