Fungus Gnats in Bergen County, NJ

Description: Fungus gnats are small black flying insects with clear wings that have a Y-shaped pattern on them. They are about 1/8 inch in length. The larvae of the fungus gnat are about ¼ inch long, whitish in color and look like small worms due to their legless bodies. Homeowners typically see fungus gnats around houseplants or in their greenhouses.

Biology: The average length of fungus gnats is 30 days. The females can lay as many as 300 eggs in moist soil during the seven to ten days they are alive. The eggs hatch in three to four days and the larvae burrow about two to three inches into the soil so they can feed on the roots and stems of plants, as well as any fungi in the soil. After 14 to 21 days, they create silk-like pupae in the soil from which the adult fungus gnat emerges in about 10 days. While fungus gnats do not bite, they can disturb fungi in the soil that can cause allergies

Prevention: By allowing the soil to dry between watering, you can deprive fungus gnats the moisture they need and reduce the risk of fungus growing in the soil. When bring container plants inside, replant them in fresh soil. If you suspect fungus gnats have infected your home, contact the pest control experts at 1st Choice Pest Management.