German Cockroach

<img class=”alignright size-full wp-image-154″ alt=”german_cockroach_pest_bergen_county_nj_2″ src=”” width=”300″ height=”196″ />Adult German cockroaches are ½ to 5/8 inches in length.Although they have fully developed wings, they do not fly. They can be identified by two parallel lines running from the back of the head to the wings

German cockroaches usually prefer a moist environment with a relatively high degree of warmth. They are mostly active at night when they forage for food, water and mating. During the day they hide in cracks and crevices and other dark areas where warmth is provided.  They are usually found in kitchens(near dishwashers, stoves and sinks) and in the bathrooms of structures.

German cockroaches can enter buildings in boxes, grocery bags and suitcases.  Another key factor in prevention is sanitation.  Clean up spilled foods, including crumbs on the floor. Do not leave dirty dishes overnight.  Empty garbage each evening into a sturdy container with a tight fitting lid.