Indian Meal Moths in Bergen County NJ

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Description: Indian meal moths are small greyish brown moths that are about 3/4 inches long and have a wingspan of 5/8 inches. Indian meal caterpillars are a creamish color and they have a dark brown head. While you may see the adult moths flying through your home in the early evening, you’ll usually see the caterpillars in pantries and kitchen cabinets.


Biology: The complete lifecycle of an Indian meal moth is about three months. The female moths lay can lay up to 200 eggs, which are 0.5mm in diameter, at one time. Since the Indian meal moth caterpillar’s diet many consists of nuts, dried herbs, and grains, the moth eggs are commonly found in pantries that have these food items. The caterpillars tend to congregate at the top of the areas they infest, and they produce a silk that covers their food source. When they reach the pupae stage, you may notice the small cocoons at the top of walls where they meet with the ceiling.

Prevention: Since Indian meal moths can chew the thin plastic bags, store nuts, grains, pet foods, dried herbs and spices in heavy plastic or metal containers. If you suspect infestation, throw away any contaminated materials and contact 1st Choice Pest Management for safe and effective extermination services.

1st Choice Pest Management

1st Choice Pest Management