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We have worked hard in the last 17 years at 1st Choice Pest Management to make a solid reputation as the top service for residential and commercial pest control in Bergen County NJ. People recommend our pest control staff because customer relations is our top priority. Our purpose is to give you the most economical commercial and residential pest control solutions in the field, while providing you with an accurate assessment which is used to determine your pest control needs. When a member of our pest removal staff is scheduled to meet you to inspect your home or even merely provide routinely scheduled pest control service, our technicians will arrive in a timely fashion. Our services our backed by our guarantee. This indicates that you can trust us to effectively rid your residence or business of any pest problems that you might run into. We consistently make customer satisfaction our top priority, that’s what sets us apart from the competition and allows our staff to be a leading residential pest control company in Bergen County NJ.

Pest Control Bergen County NJ

We understand what pests you are most likely going to deal with as a local residential pest exterminator in Bergen County NJ, which works to provide you with pest control services. Pests such as yellow jackets, flies, wasps and roaches may pose serious health hazards, while carpenter ants and termites may result in serious damage to your property. Our exceptionally successful pest control treatment alternatives will also be non-toxic, which will be used to secure your household, pets, and property from pests. Additionally, we provide the most economical services of any residential pest exterminator in Northern NJ.

Pest Management Bergen County NJ

We’re aware that the last thing you want is for a client or client to even imagine that there are insects in your workplace or shop. That is why you need to contact a top pest control company in Bergen County NJ. You will want to be sure there are not any interruptions to your company, and try to schedule our pest removal service appointments at convenient times. Our commitment to meeting the requirements of our local business neighborhood is one of many reasons that individuals have gained the status as the most trusted commercial pest exterminator in Northern NJ.

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You should never wait until it is too late in terms of residential pest extermination in Bergen County NJ. If you care about the safety of your family as well as your house, it is crucial that you get in touch with somebody at the initial hint of a problem. Many homeowners underestimate pests since they do not understand that in addition to being a nuisance they may also carry diseases which may affect your family members or pets. You should never a chance with this sort of situation, and should ensure an experienced expert deals with any pest infestation promptly and effectively. That’s why at 1st Choice Pest Management we are standing by to handle all your needs for residential pest removal in Franklin Lakes NJ.

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We have significant experience dealing with numerous pests as a top supply of pest control treatment in Bergen County NJ. This is one of the reasons so many home and business owners are able to count on our services. The following are simply a few examples of the kinds of pests we typically encounter when performing residential and commercial pest removal in Franklin Lakes NJ and the rest of the local Bergen County NJ and greater New York area:




Bed Bugs





And much more!

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For over twenty years, we have been a top option for pest management in Bergen County NJ. Home and business owners dealing with pests depend on us to cope with the problem with good cause. As a matter of fact, the length of time we have been working in the local area is one of the reasons you are able to depend on us for an effective and quick solution to your pest problems. We work hard to not only make sure your pests go away in the short term, but provide long term alternatives as well. Thanks to Integrated Pest Management, we will evaluate your premises and suggest ways that you can make sure that your pests aren’t going to return.

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Working hard to keep costs for commercial and residential pest control treatment in Bergen County NJ down is something else we work hard to achieve. Making it possible for local companies and families to provide protection to their houses and businesses from bed bugs, termites and other damaging pests, we make providing cost-effective pest control treatment one of our top priorities by offering discounts on our services. If you are searching for a pest control service in Franklin Lakes NJ or anywhere else in the Bergen County NJ or even the greater New York region which can provide affordable and effective service, you can rely on 1st Choice Pest Management. If you fill out the form on our website you are able to receive a complimentary estimate. Do not hesitate if you care about your house or business. You’ll be sure to rest soundly in the knowledge that trained experts with experience are dealing with your pest problems by calling us at the very first sign of problems.

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