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At 1st Choice Pest Management, we have worked hard in the years to establish our status as an expert in residential pest control in Bergen County NJ. The primary reason why your friends and neighbors recommend our pest extermination team is the fact that we make customer service our most important objective. We are dedicated to offering you a precise assessment of your pest prevention and exterminating situation as well as the most affordable residential and commercial pest control contracts in the area. When a member of our pest removal team is scheduled to meet you to inspect your property and even simply provide regularly scheduled pest control service, our specialists will arrive in a timely manner. Since our pest management services are backed by our guarantee, you know that our services will effectively rid your home or business of pests. We’re thought of as the most trusted service for residential pest control in Bergen County NJ thanks to the fact we put customer satisfaction first.

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Familiarity with the local region is an advantage as a local service for residential pest control in Bergen County NJ, because we know what pests you are most likely going to have to deal with in your home. Many of these pests can introduce dangers to your own health, including cockroaches, flies, wasps, and yellow jackets, while the others like carpenter ants and termites may cause critical property damage. Our highly effective pest control treatment choices are also non-toxic, which will be used to protect your household, pets, and property from pests. We could also guarantee you won’t find a less expensive pest control service in North NJ.

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As the top commercial pest exterminator in Bergen County NJ, we know the last thing you want is for a client or client to get even a fleeting notion of bugs or rodents when they’re in your shop or office. To refrain from interrupting your company in any form, we will schedule our pest control appointment at a time that is convenient for you and so the appointment does not interfere with your daily operations. Our commitment to satisfying the requirements of our local business community is one of the most significant motives that individuals have earned the reputation as the most effective commercial pest control company in Bergen County NJ.

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If you require residential pest control in Bergen County NJ, waiting until it is too late isn’t something you should ever do. Since you care about your family’s safety as well as your house, you need to make contacting a professional at the first hint of trouble your priority. Some pests may carry diseases that could have an adverse impact on the health of your family or pets. Several homeowners do not consider this, and end up underestimate the threat that these pests may have. You should never a chance with this kind of situation, and should make certain an experienced specialist deals with any pest infestation promptly and effectively. 1st Choice Pest Management is a top pick for a residential pest control service in Midland Park NJ, standing by to handle all your requirements for pest management.

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We have substantial experience dealing with a large number of pests as a leading supply of pest control treatment in Bergen County NJ. So many home and business owners are able to trust our services for this and many other reasons. When performing commercial and residential pest management in Midland Park NJ and the rest of the local Bergen County NJ and greater New York area, the following are simply a few examples of the types of pests we usually encounter:





Bed Bugs




And much more!

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Clients have been calling us for over 20 years when they’ve required quality pest control treatment in Bergen County NJ. Home and business owners dealing with pests rely on us to cope with the issue with good cause. As a matter of fact, the length of time we have been doing business in the local region is one of the reasons you’re able to trust us for a quick and effective treatment for your pest issues. Offering long term solutions for your pest problems is something we strive for in addition to straightforward short term pest control. We’re firm believers in Integrated Pest Management, which means we will suggest ways that you can make sure your pests do not return after performing an assessment of your premises.

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Working hard to keep costs for commercial and residential pest control treatment in Bergen County NJ down is something else we work hard to achieve. We make providing cost-effective pest removal one of our leading priorities, providing discounts on our services. This way, local business owners and families have the ability to supply protection for their homes and workplaces from the destruction and hassle which pests such as bed bugs and termites can bring. If you are searching for a pest control service in Midland Park NJ or anywhere else in the Bergen County NJ or even the greater New York region that can provide affordable and effective service, you are able to rely on 1st Choice Pest Management. If you care about your home or business, don’t ever hesitate. Fill out the form on our site to receive a free estimate. You will be certain to rest peacefully in the knowledge that skilled specialists with expertise are handling your pest problems by giving us a call at the first indication of trouble.

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